Realtor Services & Household Moves

Pak Mail Miami

Realtors and home sellers:

We can help you too!!

Let us pack all the delicate and valuable items before your move. De-clutter the property and make it look more appealing to a wider audience. we can help you pack all those unnecessary items that make your place look smaller, it is a well-known fact that a cleaner, tidier home sells faster than a house filled to the roof with personal items that distract the prospective buyer’s attention from the home’s good qualities.

Keep those irreplaceable items safe while people check out your house! You are going to pack it anyways, why don’t just go ahead and let us do it before and store it safely beforehand.

In today’s real estate market.. This could be the difference between your house selling or not. You need to pack your stuff anyways why not do it early and help to sell your home faster?


We can help you sort all items and remove the junk from your home in preparation for your move.

  • Pick up and remove all broken and unused items no matter the size and dispose of them.
  • Sort the items and repack and label them
  • Take items to be donated and deliver them to your choice of charity and get you a receipt


Pak Mail Miami